نا مين مومن وچ مسيتان،

نا مين وچ ڪفر ديان ريتان،

نا مين پاڪ وچ پليتان،

نا مين موسى نا فرعون.

ڪي جاڙان مين ڪون…!

I am still in the journey of self-discovery; hence I can not describe myself Heh…!
I do believe though that honesty appeals to me, so doe’s integrity of character.
I am Spiritual person, one for whom religion & motherland is the most important in the life…
We humans understand so less, and can never understand all, we don’t even understand the concept of nothingness and all completely…
I Seek truth & beauty…
Is truth beauty or Beauty truth? Such are the questions that run through my head…
I think I am smart in a stupid way.
I am a combination of an extrovert and introvert… More of an Extrovert… But a deeper Introvert, Heh… Make sense? I believe in deeper Relations…
I am for all or nothing, pretty loyal to friends, always tries to be there for my dear ones… I can say quite confidently that I am a passionate person…
Maybe compassionate as well…
Sexuality and lust are not things that I think are taboo, as is what society is tends to impose on us…
But many would disagree with me here I know…
Hold sacred the little thing as well as the big things, and always try to look at the way of reality…
I love music, meaningful music… it doesn’t matter if its rock or classical, if it conveys feelings, it’s good for me…!!!

ڪو ڪيئن چوي، ڪو ڪيئن چوي

مان جو ئي آهيان، سو ئي آهيان۔۔۔!


3 responses to “About

  1. Ayaz

    February 25, 2012 at 9:18 PM

    تمام سٺي ڪوشش آهي ادا فيصل! اوهان جي ڪم جي جيڪا به ساراه ڪبي ٿوري لڳندي

  2. Nawaz Ali

    June 4, 2014 at 1:07 AM

    سائين تمام بهترين نموني سان توهان پنهنجو تعارف ڪرايو آ.


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